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When it comes to advertising in the Escort Industry, many Escorts & Agency owners find it overwhelming on where to spend there advertising budget. This site will give you useful tips and advice on gaining maximum exposure, without wasting your money.


Top 3 Questions Escorts ask when it comes to online advertising:

#1. How Do I Get Started?

First & Foremost, you need a website. And not just “any website”. This site will be your foundation to networking yourself. So go and find Web Designer! These people will consult you the design, register you a personal domain and explain to you on how to get your site on the first page of major search engines. If you do not know of a Web Designer, go and Google search “web designer”. These people do not have to be local to you, just make sure you do a background check on the previous work that they have done.
We strongly urge you not use anybody who says they will do it for free! It is a competitive market out there and your website will be giving your potential clients their first impression of you.

If you need help or would like a recommendation for professional web designers click here. Second, Sign up for as many Social Networks as you possibly can. All Major Search Engines have turned their focus to Social Networks and what people have to say. At The Bare Minimum,
You Should at least have a facebook, twitter & YouTube accounts. For Facebook, we strongly recommend having a page instead of a group or profile. Once you have signed up to your Social Networks, your web designer can implement them into your website.    

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Following these few steps will give you the branding and exposure you desire.

#2. What Is The Most Important “Thing” When It Comes To Online Advertising?

DON’T OFFER SEX FOR MONEY! Unless it is absolutely legal in your area. Escorting is a very grey area in a lot of countries. If you are a Professional Escort, then people are paying you for your time, not what you can do after that time is spent. Some Escort Directories allow you to advertise certain “services or categories” on what you offer. This doesn’t mean you should be adding them to your listing. Besides, if your biggest selling point about you is that you are into “GR33K or BBBJ” you probably won’t be lasting long in this industry. The Hobbyists with real money will be mostly interested in your looks and attitude. The rest is just a bonus. BUT! Like we said before, consult a lawyer and ask them what the advertising laws are in YOUR service area.

#3. How Much Will All This Cost Me?

If you are serious about advertising yourself or agency online, you should count on spending as 3000.00 for start up. This will get you a professional looking website and enough money for 2 moths of directory listings. Your ongoing costs should be around 500/monthly for Independent Escorts and roughly around 1500/monthly for Escort Agencies. The general rule of thumb when it comes to advertising is – Spend what you would make in one day of work. So, if you made on average 1000 a day, during any given month. Then that is the minimum of what you should be spending on advertising a month. We always suggest that you try every directory once. There is no “Ultimate Directory” out there. Every directory has their strengths and weaknesses. It solely up to you to decide what works for you. But if the directory is FREE, always sign up! These listings will allow you to post your website and social network feeds. Having your website linked on other sites, will really help your placement in search results.

#4. Which Online Directories Should I Advertise on?

This is a tricky question. Like we said before, there is no “Ultimate” Escort Directory that caters to ALL genders. Since Craigslist shut down their “adult service” section, Escort Directories have been popping up like weeds. So for now, we will recommend what we think are the most effective directories for you to advertise on.

For Female Escorts & Agencies: